You're a wine storage expert too.​
You're a wine storage expert too.​

3 points that will help you be an excellent wine storage expert

No matter how many bottles you own or desire to store. You should know some skills which will make you feel like a professional Wine Storage Expert. Isn’t it?

In this article, we’ll teach you how to store your wine for short term & long term.

1. Know your wine.

There are many kinds of wine in the world, such as dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, and sweet. Therefore, the first important thing is you should know your wine.

Storing your wine at the right temperature not only keeps the freshness and taste of the red wine, but also allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of drinking.

Usually, the suitable temperature for keeping wine is 10 ℃(50℉). It’s also ok in the range of 7-18℃(44-64℉). But we need to avoid the temperature change so much, because an unstable temperature environment will hurt your wine. In addition, don’t keep your wine at a temperature over 20 ℃(68℉), otherwise your wine will be cooked. Or blow 0 ℃(32℉), it’s too cool to aging, that your wine will be frozen.

It’s not enough to know an around the range. Because for different wines, it requires a different storage environment. Indeed. Here’s a list of some of favorites for your reference.

  • Light, dry white wines and sparkling wine:5-10 ℃ (40 – 50℉);
  • Full-bodied white wines and light fruity red wines: 10-15℃ (50 – 60℉);
  • Full-bodied red wines and port wine: 15-18℃ (60 – 65℉);
Wine varietyServing temperature
Vintage port, madeira19˚c
Bordeaux, shiraz18˚c
Red burgundy, cabernet17˚c
Rioja, pinot noir16 ˚c
Chianti, zinfandel15 ˚c
Beaujolais, rosé12˚c
Viognier, sauternes11˚c
Chardonnay9 ˚c
Riesling8 ˚c
Champagne, sparkling wines, dessert wines7 ˚c

Save your wine at an exactly right temperature, not only keep your wine fresh and taste well while you enjoy it. It also makes you feel like an excellent wine storage expert.

I’ve written another article: the best temperature and best way to store wine. You can have a look if you’re no idea to keep your wine by now.

2. Using some tools

Now, let’s keep moving.

In this part, we are going to talk about some tips about if you have partial bottles after a party

Place your bottles in the refrigerator for the short term is feasible.

But we need the assistance of some wine tools. For example, a wine saver pump will help your remove the air from a bottle of wine, it’ll keep your wine slow oxidation. So that we can try to enjoy them within 1-3 days.

We can also get more tools to help you enjoy wine tasting.

For instance. A wine bottle sealer can help you keep the wine fresh if you lose the cork; An electric bottle opener or air pressure wine opener will make you feel more effective; And a glass wine decanter will make you like an excellent wine taster;

wine tools
Glass wine decanter

If it doesn’t have a wine preserver around you, pour your wine into a smaller, sealable glass bottle or jar, it will be less space for air, which means less oxidation. And keep the bottles upright to reduce the amount of wine that’s exposed to air, this is a small tip.

Avoid exposing your wine to the sun, otherwise the sun will accelerate oxidation. If you put it into the wine fridge or a household refrigerator, you don’t need to worry about it.

3. Choose suitable wine storage for yourself.

When you have more and more collections. Not matter up to a large private cellar or small to a wine storage refrigerator, a best wine storage will let you feel more confident while you enjoy an aging wine, and help your storage work becomes more organized.

private cellar
private cellar

When you don’t have enough budget or space to install a wine room cooler, a wine storage refrigerator will be a nice option. It has so many different capacities wine storage cooler in the marketing on selling, from 4 bottles to over 300 bottles. Here I have another article about how to choose a suitable wine bottle fridge, read it you’ll get no confusion.

There is always one wine bottle fridge that can meet your needs, if it doesn’t, try to custom one. Before that, it’s useful for you to know how to design a perfect home wine storage.

All in all, know your wine, using the professional tool, wine storage.

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