You're a wine storage expert too.​
You're a wine storage expert too.​

About Us

At 3Awinecellar, we create design objects that encourage communication between man and wine, not only to accommodate the bottles but to communicate to all enthusiasts the messages and emotions that wine conveys.

3Awinecellar is now the leading Chinese company of stainless steel wine fridges/cellars, in addition to various refrigerators for storing and serving wine. From the cellar to the table, at home or at public facilities such as wine shops, wineries tasting rooms and retail shops, wine bars, restaurants, hotels, 3Awinecellar brings our favorite bottles to life.

3Awinecellar designer wine cabinet, guarantee the best possible conditions for storing bottled wine and optimizing space thanks to their modular features.

3Awinecellar is a perfect blend of ever-changing modern art and reliable storage that is consistently expanding, a wide range of bespoke and highly customizable objects – by size and configuration – to meet the needs of those who consider wine to be a personal pleasure, along with those who have made wine their profession and business.

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