You're a wine storage expert too.​
You're a wine storage expert too.​

The best temperature and best way to store wine

Should wine be stored in a wine cooler?

In order to show your favorite wine, it is important to drink it at the right temperature. The temperature of wine has a great influence on taste. You like to drink good wine, right? Of course, you know! When entertaining or serving guests, it is easy to ignore this variable as an important component. Here is a small suggestion to ensure that your wine is always at the correct temperature.

We will discuss common questions such as “what is the best temperature to store red wine? or what is the best way to store wine at home for a beginner?”. As a professional wine fridge supplier, we have some suggestions for your reference, as follows! let us start!

What is the best temperature to store wine?

Temperature change is one of the biggest enemies in the process of wine aging. The best test temperature for wine should be stored at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit (a natural cave temperature). However, a temperature range of 50 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit is generally considered acceptable.

(Different wine meet with different temperatures, 55 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for most wine.)

For a wine beginner. usually, they might think it’s the best way to store wine bottles in the beer refrigerator in the garage?” Well, if the wine is stored in a place where the temperature is too low for a long time, something will happen.

Unfortunately. Cool temperatures make the aging process be slowly. The cork will dry out, the smell of the refrigerator will seep into the wine, or when the wine is squeezed around the food in the refrigerator or around the beer, the wine will be agitated and damage the bottle cap or label.

In addition, if the wine is pushed to the back of the refrigerator, it may freeze, which may cause the cork to be pushed out.

Storage in a dark closet also seems the best way to store wine bottles. But the results have been uneven over the years. If the air conditioner in the house or apartment fails, the temperature will rise. Drinking for a long time will make the wine show a stewed taste. As the aging process accelerates, some wines may also begin to taste like vinegar.

About 3Awinecellar‘s wine refrigerator

Now that you understand it’s important that wine store in a suitable temperature. Let’s take a look at our wine refrigerators!

The small wine cooler, usually loads about 20-50 bottles. It’s the best way to store wine for a wine beginner.
When choosing a small wine refrigerator, one of the common regrets is that the wine cabinet is too small. As your enthusiasm grows, some smaller 30 bottle wine refrigerators can exceed your collecting habits.

best temperature to store wine
Set the best temperature for your wine

Many small wine refrigerators are also aimed at more junior customers. Most of small wine coolers are thermoelectric cooling instead of compressor cooling. a compressor wine fridge has a stronger cooling capacity than a thermoelectric. So 3Awinecellar’s wine refrigerator all cooling by the compressor.

The big wine cooler, usually loads over 150 bottles.

This series wine refrigerator is good for fanatical wine lovers, who have so many bottles need to store. The best large wine refrigerators are worth thousands of dollars and are designed to store wine for a long time. If you move frequently, the wine cabinet will be difficult to move! considering it if you want to purchase a large wine cooler unit. But if you’re a wine wholesaler, you won’t need to worry about it. Their wine(your customer) will grow quickly.

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