You're a wine storage expert too.​
You're a wine storage expert too.​

Can I keep cigars in my wine fridge?

Is it OK keeping cigar in wine fridge?

It is not recommended to keep your cigars and wine in the red wine cooler at the same time. Unless you can control the temperature for wines, and the temperature is good for your cigar too. The most important thing is, you need to ensure the humidity is keeping at 69%-70% (the best humidity for cigars).

The ideal temperature & humidity for cigars is 70 degrees (22℃), 70%. And the ideal temperature for storing wine is 55 degrees (12℃). So the ideal temperature of them is obviously different.

In a word, don’t try to put your cigar in the wine fridge together. It won’t hurt your wine but it would hurt your expensive cigar.

How to modify a wine fridge to store cigar for short term?

But If you have a dual zone wine chiller. You can modify it for your cigar.

First, you need to set up the ideal temperature at 70 degrees (22℃). The dual zone wine chiller has two space zones, which can set a different temperature for storing different wines.

Second, because most wine fridges can not control the humidity, but it can keep humidity at around 60%. 60% is not enough.

Now, put a hygrometer into the cabinet, and see what the humidity is. So we can try to make the humidity reach 65% to 70% by installing humidity beads or a humidity control pack.

While the temperature and humidity reach an ideal number, you can put your cigar into the cabinet. But one thing needs to keep in mind, it isn’t the long-term storage solution. You’d better find climate controlled humidor for your favorite cigar.

climate controlled humidor
600 count cedar climate controlled cigar humidor

Finally, it’s also important. Don’t keep your cigar without a box while storing it in the wine fridge. it can protect the tobacco hurt from the humidity change too much, or you’d better try to get a cedar humidor box since the cedar will help you maintain the humidity.

In addition, cedarwood gets the following advantages for making a cedar humidor box.

  • Protection from tobacco worms – through the cedar’s special odoriferous quality
  • Supports the cigar aging process
  • High humidity absorption capacity – this ensures that a stable climate will be maintained inside the humidor and mold is prevented
  • Positive effect on the flavor of the cigars
cedar humidor
Natural cedar humidor

While you put the cigar into the wine cooler, you’d better check on them from time to time to ensure the temperature/humidity remains right.

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