You're a wine storage expert too.​
You're a wine storage expert too.​

How to design a perfect home wine storage.

Home wine storage, for a wine lover who enjoys a good bottle of wine. You can enjoy the tranquility and changes during wine storage. If you own a home wine storage tools. It will be great and easy to help to store, organizing, and presenting your favorite wine bottles. Whether it’s a small stairs cellar, or a full-size built-in cellar, or a custom wine bar in your kitchen. We want to you have the suitable tools to organized and store your bottles more effectively. That’s the reason we provide custom stainless steel wine cellar services to every wine enthusiast.

Find a place

Custom a wine cellar is the perfect solution to organize your bottles. In the meantime, it will be a nice viewing in your house. But at the first, we need to find a place to install the cellar. Don’t worry about your house is too small to custom a wine cellar, because 3Awinecellar has very good designability. Just consider where is free, where the cellar can be installed. For example the living room, kitchen, office, corridor, and so on. The wine cellar cabinet is as thin as 55CM. the high can be designed according to your space.

For office
home wine storage
home wine storage
Living room
Wine Store

Make a home wine storage design

Now, you have to know where to install the wine cellar and the dimension of the place. So it’ll be easy to make a drawing for your home cellar. At the moment, as the owner of the cellar, you need to have some requirements on it. How many independent zones do you want, that’s means, how many types of wine you want to save at the same time. Single zone, dual-zone, or multi-zone. More zone it has, more different wine it can load together. And the cost is higher, but you get what you paid, that’s true. We believe this home wine storage tools will be good value for money, while you see your favorite lay lies in the cellar.

home wine storage
Single zone

home wine storage
Dual zone
home wine storage
Multi zone

Secondly. It’s time to consider the wine rack. The rack is a very important part of a home wine storage. It can effectively arrange and organize the wine bottlers. At 3AWinecellar, it has many types of racks to choose. It has display shelf and flat shelf in style. Although there are only two styles, there will be many design schemes. Just talk a look at our successful case and get some inspiration from them.

The material of the shelf also plays a very important role in a home wine cellar. Usually, it was made of beechwood, because Beechwood is very hard and tough. It is also strong, with a close straight grain. Beech polishes well and withstands shocks and wear. Oak is also available. Oak is more luxurious than beech, but higher cost.

If you want to make the cellar look more fashionable than classical, an acrylic shelf is one of the best solutions for the cellar.

Choose a color of the led light

After the shelf, a led light will make your cellar look more sumptuous. There is no need to worry about the impact of LED lights on the fermentation of red wine. Because the LED lamp does not contain any ultraviolet light. Three colors of white, blue, and amber for options.

After that, we know all of your needs, so we can give you a design solution. What are you waiting for, just contact us and share your great idea.

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