You're a wine storage expert too.​
You're a wine storage expert too.​

The difference of modern home wine cellar and traditional wine cellar.

What’s wine cellar?

A wine cellar is a special room for storing wine in bottles or barrels.

About 3,700 years ago, It doesn’t like a luxury home wine cellars, it’s simple and

People don’t have the technology to change the temperature. That’s means they don’t have a refrigerator to keep food fresh, they don’t a wine fridge to store wine. So the intelligent people tried to dig a cave underground, built a special room to storage barrels. Just like a basement.

Because the room is underground and without sunshine, So this temperature up here is not going to change very much, and keep a good humidity. In summer, the basement will be shady. In winter, the basement will be warmer than outside. As you know, temperature change too much and too high or too cool is not a good thing for wine.

That’s the traditional wine cellar before we don’t have a climate controlled system.

basement wine cellar
The traditional wine cellar

We installed a luxury wine cellar in our house. After we mastered the air conditioning technology. People can control the temperature through air conditioning, So it can achieve the best storage conditions of wine, whether in winter or summer.

From then on, wine lovers, wine merchants start to build a large & luxury wine cellar in their house, villa, winery etc. It’s easier to store red wine.

But for some wine beginners, it’s too expensive to build a wine cellar in their house. On the other hand, not every wine lover has a big villa, they don’t have enough space for a wine cellar. Wine refrigerators have become more valuable for them. Please note that the wine refrigerator is different from the household fridge. I’ll write a special blog to introduce them.

The purpose of a wine cellar

Wine cellars protect alcoholic beverages from potentially harmful external influences, providing darkness, constant temperature and humidity. Wine is a kind of natural and perishable food, which is fermented by fruit. All types of wine will deteriorate if exposed to high temperature, light, vibration or fluctuations in temperature and humidity. If properly stored, wine can not only maintain its quality, but also improve its aroma, flavor as it matures.

That’s the purpose of a wine cellar.

3A Wine Cellar, the modern home wine cellar.

It is one of the modern home wine cellar brands. There is no doubt about, 3AWinecellar is different from the traditional wine cellar and regular wine fridge.

At the beginning, we should to understanding the means of “3A”.

3A, the abbreviation of “Any Size”, “Any Style”, “Any Budget”. 3AWinecellar was made of 304 stainless steel, and it was customized according to the customer’s needs. Everything is customized by the drawing. The number of temperature zone, styles, glass layers. led lighting and as well as you can imagine.

3Awinecellar got a wide range of applications, we can build it for offices, kitchens, wine clubs, and wine shops. it doesn’t need a special big room for it.

Custom wine cabinet
3Awinecellar can built on a wall or put in free space, such as a kitchen, hall, home office, or a corner, anywhere you want.

3Awinecellar custom wine cellar can be designed in any size, with any budget. Finding the perfect place to store your wine, It can built on a wall or put in free space, such as a kitchen, hall, home office, or a corner, anywhere you want.

The modern glass wine cellar is an excellent commercial electric wine cellar solution for the wine shop, hotel, restaurant, bar, wine lovers, winery. 3Awinecellar commercial large wine cellars can easily load over 2000 bottles of wine or more. Single zone, dual-zone or multi-temperature zone for option. Luxury simple and save space.

It is familiar with the wine cabinet but more flexible than the wine fridge. it same as the traditional wine cellar with a climate control system, but cheaper than building a traditional wine cellar. In the appearance, modern home wine cellar will be more fashion.

for more information about the modern glass wine cellar, you can feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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