You're a wine storage expert too.​
You're a wine storage expert too.​

The newest style of modern wine cellar

Many wine lovers like to have their own modern wine cellar at home. They can collect and open their wines for different occasions. However, only a few people can have a real underground wine cellar. If you live in an apartment or a small house, it’s complicated to have a traditional wine cellar. Because it takes up a lot of space. Our brand 3AWineCellar will provide you with some suggestions on how to find the most suitable wine cellar. It will according to your actual situation offer a special design.

The newest style of a modern wine cellar

3AWineCellar helps more wine lovers to install a wine cellar in their houses. Even if you don’t have a big villa or apartment. Even if you don’t have too much budget to build a basement wine cellar. But today, all of the requirements about your wine can be realized. 3Awinecellar is the newest style of glass wine cellar.

The glass wine cellar’s cabinet was made of stainless steel, and with everything the basement wine cellar has. Use stainless steel to create a closed space, install beech wooden rack or stainless steel rack inner, coupled with soft LED lights. Combined with a refrigeration system. Finally, install it in a suitable place. That’s it the 3AWinecellar.

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All of 3A Wine cellar was made of 201 or 304 stainless steel. It’s an affordable material for us. And stainless steel has a wide variety of colors, such as golden, black, silver, rose gold and so on. That’s mean the 3awinecellar can meet your need according to your situation. On the other hand, the stainless steel cabinet got a fashionable and simple appearance.

About the wine rack

Same as the traditional wine cellar, the rack can be designed in the style that you want. Flat, display, for champagne, standard Bordeaux, etc. For example the below case. It was designed with flat shelves and display shelves. The minimum depth of the wine cellar body can be set at 55cm, it saves the place of your house, and it still has a large loading capacity.

Usually, 3AWinecellar’s loading capacity can be designed between 100 bottles to 2,000 bottles and more.

According to our production experience, 80% of our customers like to use beech wooden shelves, other 20% customers would like to a stainless steel or oak wooden shelves. Beech wooden is popular, oak wood is more luxurious than beech.

Built-in or freestanding both available for the modern wine cellar.

About the cooling system

The refrigeration system is independent, but it is also interconnected by each other. The refrigeration system will be designed according to the wine cellar capacity. Large space requires large refrigeration units, 3Awinecellar refrigeration system same as the the traditional wine cellar, It’s like a central air conditioner installed in the cabinet.

2 independent 1.5P refrigeration system for two big zones, control by two controller.

About the door style and light.

The wine cellar doors’ color will be designed with the main color of the cabinet. Generally speaking, we do not recommend using two different colors for the home wine cellar. But the handle style can be designed with any styles. Round, square, hidden and so on. While using the two layers glass for the wine cellar doors to display red wine, it also has the function of anti-ultraviolet, so no need to worry about your wine is in danger. About lighting, It has also many options, usually, we recommend Yellow or White.

We think the TEXT is hard to express the beauty of the 3Awinecellar, but the gallery is easier. Take a look now.

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