You're a wine storage expert too.​
You're a wine storage expert too.​

How to store wine correctly in a wine cooler cabinet?

If we store wine at home, a wine cooler cabinet will be the most ideal wine freezing tool, it can freeze wine to the appropriate temperature.

Some wine lovers will ask, can a refrigerator also suitable for storing wine? What we’d like to say is that: although the household refrigerator can also freeze wine, because its temperature is not constant and its humidity is not enough, it is not suitable to store wine for a long time.

Of course, for those wine collectors who store a lot of wine, undoubtedly, a wine cellar is the best choice. For beginner or not professionals wine collectors, there is no need to panic even if there is no wine cellar. Because the wine cooler cabinet is also a very ideal choice. Even more, economical and practical. What we should mention here is that when we store wine in a wine refrigerator, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. For single zone wine cooler

If you are going to order a single zone wine cooler to store red wine and white wine at the same time, you’d better adjust the temperature to 54 degrees Fahrenheit(about 12 degrees Celsius). Although different types of single temperature zone wine cooler have their own ideal temperature settings, we can ensure the temperature will not be too high by setting at 12 ℃; Then some people will ask, if the temperature is too low, how to do? Don’t panic. even if the temperature below 12 ℃(but not very low), it will not affect the quality of wine, but will generally slow down its ripening process.

single zone wine cooler
46 bottles single zone wine cooler

2. For dual zone wine fridge

Generally speaking, dual zone wine fridge is divided into two different wine storage zone. And the temperature of these zones can be set independently. One advantage is that it can store two or three different types of wine. For example, set the temperature of the upper zone between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit(10-18 degrees Celsius), which can store red wine. For another zone where the temperature can be set at 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit (7-10 degrees Celsius), which can store white wine.

dual zone wine fridge
46 bottles dual zone wine cooler

3. How to adjust the wine cooler cabinet temperature?

When we need to charge the temperature of the wine cooler cabinet. It needs to adjusted step by step. Why step by step? The main reason is that the sudden rise of temperature will increase the pressure in the bottle, and even force the wine liquid to seep out from the cork; The sudden drop in temperature will let air into the bottle, which affects the oxidation of the wine.

On the other hand. It is important to avoid changing the temperature of the wine fridge frequently. You know, frequent fluctuations in temperature usually affect the normal ripening process of wine.

Touch control panel & led light

4. What we should pay attention to when using a wine cooler cabinet?

How do we store the wine after opening? For white wine, after opening the bottle, it should be re-sealed with a cork and then put into the wine fridge. Generally, it can be kept for 5 days; For red wine, it does not have to be stored in the wine fridge after the bottle is opened. It only needs to seal the bottle mouth again and drink it within 2 days.

Close the door of the wine fridge, which also needs attention. To ensure that the door of the wine fridge is closed and sealed at any time. Otherwise, the internal temperature of the wine fridge will be higher than the ideal temperature.

wine refrigerator cabinet
Beech wooden shelves

4.1 Avoid wine oxidation.

As we all know, all corked wine is best placed horizontally or on one side. The design of the shelf inside the wine fridge is specially designed to make the wine lie down. The wine lie down is convenient to keep the cork moist and prevent the external air from entering the wine bottle; When the wine is placed upright, the cork will gradually become too dry. At this time, the air is easier to enter the bottle, thus affecting the quality of the wine.

4.2 Avoid frequent movement of wine bottles.

The frequent movement of wine bottles will affect the ripening process of wine. If there is a large amount of wine to be stored, it is suggested that you should think about the location of wine in advance, and do not exchange wine after placing, so as to avoid frequent movement of wine bottles in the future.

4.3 Keep away from vibration.

When we put the wine well, we need to put the wine cooler cabinet in a place far away from the vibration. In other words, we need to put the wine fridge in a quiet and appropriate place. Generally speaking, external vibration can make wine “restless” and even damage its quality.

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