You're a wine storage expert too.​
You're a wine storage expert too.​

How much does a wine cooler refrigerator cost?

A wine cooler refrigerator is a great wine tool to save wine for long term. It’s more affordable than building a wine cellar, and a wine storage fridge is more convenient to use for a beginner.

Wine fridge price is the main factor we will consider while we ordering, knowing the expected cost of wine fridge will help us get the overall value and meet our needs.

How much does a wine fridge cost? Usually, it depends on the loading capacity, the price range of the household wine fridge cost from $100 to $5,000. Most prices range from $500 to $1,500. But there is no price limit at because they offer an amazing custom service for every wine lover. They can custom the stainless steel wine fridge according to the needs of different customers.

But there is no doubt that, large capacity wine cooler refrigerator cost more money. Here I spend a few hours to summary some factors which will affect the wine fridge price. Hope it will be helpful while you ordering a wine fridge.

wine cooler refrigerator for storing wine

Type of cooling way.

No matter its cooling ability or stable performance, a compressor power wine fridge is always better than a thermoelectric wine fridge. So that the cost of a compressor cooling fridge is higher than a thermoelectric cooling fridge. Even in the same capacity, the structure and system of a compressor wine cabinet are more complex, so it leads to a high price. 

The capacity of the wine cooler fridge.

With the same cooling system, a large capacity wine fridge costs more than a small capacity one. Indeed. The bottle capacity of the thermoelectric wine cooler is usually between 4 to 30 bottles. Once over 50 bottles, it must be a compressor wine fridge, or it can work well.

Freestanding or built-in

Built-in models can be placed into a cabinet or under a counter, it can help users save some space. The venting location of the built-in model is front, freestanding model is on the back. So the difference of the heat dissipation system leads a different cost.

Temperature zone.

Dual-zone wine refrigerators’ prices are generally higher than single zone. A dual-zone model allows you to store over 2 different wines at the same time. You can store champagne in the lower zone, put the red wine in the upper zone. This is more flexible.

Shelf material

At the last content, we talked about the wooden shelf & metal shelf which is better. And the best wood for making wine shelves.

The style, material, and quality will also play an important role in deciding the final cost. A shelf with high-quality steel ball-bearing rollers will give you a good user experience. And it makes accessing wine bottles easier. One thing we need to pay attention to ensuring the shelf is enough strong to load wine bottles, or your bottles will be in damage.

Door style

A door and handle will increase the cost of the wine refrigerator. Most people don’t spend too much time on the door. But it does affect the function of your wine fridge. A reversible door will be more convenient while you need to change the installation place. An invisible handle can integrate the wine cabinet with the counter.

Door glass

Some of wine fridges use double-layer glass door, some of wine fridges use triple-layer glass doors, which has better thermal insulation. On some high-end wine fridges, the door has a heating function to remove the glass condensation. This technology will charge more money of the machine.

Other costs

Electricity and maintenance costs are also something we need to consider. Bigger, compressor fridges consume more power. The replacement cost of refrigerant, repair cost. If the quality of the wine cooler refrigerator is good enough, it wouldn’t charge too much extra cost.

If you’re looking for a wine cooler refrigerator for storing your bottles. why not try to visit, they can help you become a wine storage expert too.

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