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You're a wine storage expert too.​

Does a wine refrigerator have noise? what we should do if the wine fridge making noise?

Like any major electrical appliance, a home wine refrigerator will make a certain amount of noise when they are running. what we should do if the wine fridge making noise? let’s take a look.

The operating noise of wine refrigerator is about 35 to 45 decibels (DB). In contrast, the noise of the kitchen refrigerator can reach 47 decibels, and the running noise of the washing machine is between 46 and 60 decibels. The loudness of a kitchen wine refrigerator depends on several different factors: ambient temperature, proper installation, and whether it is a thermoelectric or compressor cooling system.

Thermoelectric or compressor wine refrigerator.

A thermoelectric wine refrigerator has fewer components and less noise than a compressor wine refrigerator. The electrolytic metal rod is used to remove the heat inside the wine cooler, with the cold end facing the inside of the cooler and the hot end facing the outside. A small fan circulates cold air. Although thermoelectric wine fridges making less noise, they are sensitive to the environment and cannot cool effectively when the room is too warm.

Thermoelectric wine refrigerator

The compressor wine cooler works like a standard household refrigerator. The vapor compression cycle can reduce the temperature in the refrigerator. A small fan circulates cold air throughout the interior. The hot air is discharged from the radiator behind the wine cabinet. All clearing guidelines must be followed to ensure the efficient operation of the unit. This will prevent overheating and reduce any excess noise from the unit opening and closing to maintain temperature. 3Awinecellar has the best compressor wine cooler and with a good refrigeration capacity and lower noise (39-41 dB), for more information please kindly check the below picture.

75 bottles compressor wine refrigerator.

Installation factors will also affect the noise.

Installing a home wine refrigerator according to the manufacturer’s guidelines will greatly reduce its noise. If your wine fridge making noise, what information should you pay attention to:

home wine refrigerator
154 dual-zone wine fridge
  • Is the unit stable and level stable? If not, you may need to adjust the feet of the wine cooler.
  • Does the unit have proper clearance? If the device does not have enough space to exhaust, it may start to work harder to maintain a stable temperature. (Usually, it needs to be more than 10 cm away from the wall)
  • Proper clearance will also prevent your wine refrigerator from vibrating on another surface.
  • Pay attention to the ambient temperature of the wine refrigerator. Most wine refrigerators are designed to operate in rooms between 41 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If your wine refrigerator tries to run in a warm room, the cooling system will start working more frequently, causing more noise.
  • The noise level of a wine refrigerator is similar to a kitchen refrigerator, but quieter than a dishwasher. The noise level of wine refrigerator depends on the type of cooling system, installation method and ambient temperature of the room. Is your wine refrigerator too noisy?

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